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Online Practice Products for Prescribers

Become a more confident prescriber with the best online practice material on the market.

These brand new eLearning sessions and assessments are designed to improve prescribing competencies among medical students, doctors and pharmacists. Written by prescribers and based on UK practice, these resources are effective revision tools, providing an ideal practice environment for those looking to improve their prescribing skills.

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Featured eLearning And Assessment Products

Get ahead with PSA Prep, a new collection of free eLearning sessions for medical students preparing to sit the Prescribing Safety Assessment. Written and reviewed by a team of UK experts, these eLearning sessions provide you with a detailed outline of each of the question styles found in the PSA. Each session addresses areas of the exam commonly found difficult among candidates, such as dealing with the time pressure, calculations, the exam format and identifying the key points in clinical scenarios. 

Put what you’ve learnt from PSA Prep into practice with this new set of online assessments, written and peer reviewed by our team of experts at BPS Assessment. These assessments provide the ideal practice environment for Prescribing Safety Assessment candidates, offering a selection of PSA-style questions that test your knowledge and prescribing skills. Take advantage of these practice papers today, including a brand new and exclusive 60-item paper.

Improve your prescribing skills and clinical pharmacology knowledge with our eLearning courses, written by UK experts to complement our online assessments. There are over 50 eLearning sessions in total, covering Prescribing Skills and CPT. Each eLearning session includes built-in knowledge check questions that allow you to assess your understanding of complicated topic areas as you go, preparing you for practice papers and further learning.

Additional eLearning sessions cover other areas of pharmacology, including experimental design and StR training.


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In addition to PSA Prep, we have a range of freely available content, including sample eLearning sessions from our courses and a COVID-19 case studies assessment. 

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All BPS Assessment products are delivered through our cloud-based platform, which offers a flexible online learning and assessment environment for anyone looking to measure and improve prescribing safety and skill.

You can access your resources from anywhere in the world, at any time, using your unique login. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for you to improve and test your prescribing skills and pharmacology knowledge online.

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