Prescribing Practice – Paper 3


Want to time yourself with 60 question items? Practice the full range of prescribing questions you’ll encounter in the Prescribing Safety Assessment with our 2-hour practice paper.

BPS Assessment has specifically developed this new practice paper to simulate the real exam. It contains 60 question items which means that there are 200 marks available in total, just like in the PSA.

Using the same format and question templates at the Prescribing Safety Assessment, this practice paper has been designed to give you the most authentic practice environment possible.

Buy this paper to:

  • learn how to manage your time, completing all questions within the 2 hour time limit
  • get familiar with the exam dashboard, learning how to track your progress and mark questions for review
  • get 60 unique question items seen nowhere else
  • get a different style of  feedback for each of the 60 items compared with our 30 item papers. Learn  how best to approach the questions, consider advice provided by the BNF, NICE, drug manufacturers and SPCs and understand how to use this information together with the specific details from the clinical case scenarios.
  • get unlimited practise attempts, so you can test yourself over and over until you get 100%

You can even purchase both 30 item practice papers (Practice Papers 1 and 2) alongside Practice Paper 3 at a discount and be as prepared as possible for your prescribing exams.

This assessment has not been written, peer reviewed or standard set by the PSA partnership. However, rigorous peer review processes modelled on those used in the UK PSA, and approval by the same Editor In Chief, ensures that the quality of these questions remains at the highest level.